Thursday, October 9, 2008

Maybe... There isn't any right choice....

House MD Season 5 Episode 1....
Cameron 跟 Wilson 的对白:

You think you're making a rational choice.
You think the worst is over.
And then...six months later you look back
And you realize you didn't know what you were doing.

Are you saying the pain doesn't go away?

It gets easier.
Not in two months. Not in two years.
But no, It never really goes away.

Being here... This building....
I was just in the lounge.
I kept staring at Amber's locker.

I saw a guy wearing a scarf this morning.
The color reminded me of his eyes.
We lived 500 miles from here.

I have to do something.

Then do it.
But don't think it's the right choice,
There isn't one.


湘寧 Xiang Ning said...

yes there is. Do nothing. Don't think, Don't see, Don't hear, and let the time handle the rest..

p/s: i want dr. House season 5!!!!

*-food detectives-* said...

wah....u got season 5 de???? borrow me!!